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  CELLULAR SHADES (HONEYCOMBS) manufactured from double honeycomb material , which made them most energy efficient blinds. Air, trapped inside the cells, works as an excellent insulator and does not let cold or heat come in and out. Cell shades are stylish, practical, and functional; they have maximum durability and require minimum care.. Most fabrics provide soft, uniform  light diffusion; others offer a room-darkening effect. Many fabrics are dust resistant, washable, don’t fade in sunlight and protect furnishing from harmful UV rays. Cellular shades also available in a very convenient top down bottom up design. These window treatments come in numerous solid and print color selections. CUSTOM MADE IN JUST ONE DAY.

VERTICAL BLINDS offer an infinite number of light control and privacy options, allowing a view without direct sun by simply rotating the vanes. They can be customizing to draw to the left or right, or can be made to open from the center. Vertical blinds does not collect dust, and are easiest for maintenance. They come in a broad selection of colors, textures, and patterns in either PVC vinyl vanes, free hanging fabrics, or the more durable groover inserts. Coordinated valances provide a finished look and works as a dust cover, too. The durable, heavy duty headrail and carriers ensure vanes' self-alignment and smooth operation. Vertical blinds are good for any windows and ideal for the sliding doors. CUSTOM MADE IN JUST ONE DAY.

WOOD BLINDS are made from 2” painted or finished wood slats and offer beauty and style only wood can do.  Wood blinds  come in a big collection of finishes and colors, with the matching ladders, cords, wands, tassels and brackets. Molded wood valances gives blinds the complete look. CUSTOM MADE IN JUST ONE DAY.

POLYWOOD / FAUXWOOD  BLINDS - consider them, if you like luxurious look of wood blinds, but want something more practical. Made of a blend of hardwood and composite materials, these blinds resist fading, warping and cracking, no matter how demanding the environment. Great for high moisture areas. Polywood/fauxwood blinds are  beautiful enough for living room and practical enough for bathroom or kitchen. These blinds come in a great selection of colors, with the matching ladders, cords, wands, tassels, brackets,  and molded valances. CUSTOM MADE IN JUST ONE DAY.